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MagBuddy: the Ladder Safety Magnet

MagBuddy is a patented ladder safety device to help prevent ladder fall injuries in the steel tank and steel construction workplace.

MagBuddy is a ladder attachment device with a magnet seated at the end of a pivoting offset. MagBuddy is sold as a matched pair with a left and right attachment for each ladder rail. When used properly with an ANSI-compliant ladder, the MagBuddy will adhere the ladder to a ferromagnetic surface and maintain the OSHA recommended 75.5 degree angle.

Proven Ladder Safety Device

MagBuddy has been successfully tested by a certified engineering testing service using ANSI equivalent standards. When properly placed against a ferromagnetic surface, MagBuddy's magnetic force dramatically increases the stability and greatly reduces slippage of a straight or extension ladder.

MagBuddy Ladder Safety Applications:

*All surfaces must be ferromagnetic such as iron and most steel in order for MagBuddy's magnets to attach to the material.


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MagBuddy Specifications

Mag-Buddy ladder safety magnet



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NOTE: MagBuddy is not a substitute for the placement and use of ANSI compliant ladders in accordance with OSHA regulations for portable ladder safety. For more information and recommendations regarding portable ladder safety, go to